Livio De La Cruz

Freelance Unity3D Programmer


Hello, I'm Livio De La Cruz! I'm a freelance software enginner who is well known in the Seattle VR and indie game development communities. I've helped over a dozen companies, startups, and studios to develop and flesh out their products. I've worked on a wide range of projects: including long-term development, short-term consulting, tools development, rapid-prototyping, web development, and more.

These days I currently specialize in Unity game engine with C#. I live in Seattle, WA, USA.

I have a deep technical background, strong PM skills, and a lot of experience with the unique engineering challenges that come with creative projects. I have tons of experience in rapid prototyping, which makes me a great collaborator on projects that are still in early development. I also have experience teaching computer science and still work as a teacher occasionally.


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When I'm not making games, I do other cool stuff, too! For more info on my writing, talks, volunteering, and other non-game projects, check out the Projects page.

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