Livio De La Cruz

Freelance Unity3D Programmer

Livio's Other Projects

IGDA Student SIG

I'm the current chair of the Student Special Interest Group of the International Game Developers Association. I manage all of the IGDA's academic chapters and help students prepare for successful careers in the games industry. Learn more at:


I often give free talks to classrooms about careers in the tech industry. I'm registered as a Microsoft Classroom Guest Speaker, which is a service that connects professionals with teachers around the world via Skype. For tech-related sessions, it's most active during Hour of Code season every December. I've also given talks to classrooms who have reached out to me directly.

I also speak at conferences:


I've written some popular articles on my blog Superheroes in Racecars. Many of my posts have been featured on Gamasutra and GameCareerGuide.

I've also written professionally for Model View Culture.

Podcast Appearances

Spawn On Me #75: I was interviewed about my widely-read piece: Almost No One Sided with #GamerGate.

Digital Drift #38: This show is typically about movies, but in this special episode, they featured audio-essays from the show's community about GamerGate.

I spent much of high school building and maintaining a website for a gamer community that I helped start called The Interguild. I basically made an entire forum system from scratch, and this site let users post custom levels and (YouTube) videos for a variety of online games. The community was very close-knit, to the point that some of us are still posting on there more than 10 years later!

Minecraft Server Plugin: WorldTP

I've been managing the Interguild Minecraft Server for 10 years. It's a complex server with multiple worlds and a bunch of community-management plugins. It also uses a plugin that I wrote, called WorldTP. The source code is available on GitHub.